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Company Name:Fujian Hao Xiang Garden Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Address :              China, Industrial Zone, Quanzhou, Fujian, Shan Xia (Hao Xiang Industrial Park)
Zip code :              362132
Established:         1992
Company History:Founded in 1992, Hoi An, Fujian Stone Industry Co., Ltd. of up
                                   Founded in 2003, Hao Xiang Stone Co., Ltd. Quanzhou
                                   Founded in 2008, Fujian Haoxiang Landscape Construction Co., Ltd.
                                   Founded in 2009,  Import and Export Co., Ltd. Hui'an LianHao
                                   Founded in 2010, Fujian Haoxiang Garden Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Ownership:           Production, processing, import and export trade
Total assets:        80 million yuan
Covering a total area of:80000㎡
Employees:            500 people
Marketing reach:    In Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and China and other regions
Main Range:           Stone carving art, ancient landscape, building stone, cemetery monument, etc.
Quality standards: No best, only better!
Philosophy:             Effectively given careful use of natural non-renewable resources, 
                                  establishing credibility for a better home!
Company motto:     Integrity. Realistic, professional. Dedication